Kate Johnson

"I believe that programs should evolve and find new ways to meet people where they are and accelerate their journey."

I love how fintech is allowing people to finally personalize their financial services rather than people having to fit into existing molds.

Finances are so critical to every person and business.
The financial services industry shouldn’t be something that holds people and progress back. For too long it has been. I’m excited to help the industry become a resource to Americans rather than a detriment to success.

I feel lucky that I found a company early in my career that believed that banking shouldn’t be scary. That’s how I got my start in fintech. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Every job I’ve ever had has involved me making things more efficient.
I hate the idea of “we’ve always done it this way.” This is an attitude that every organization struggles with, but I think the pervasiveness of this attitude within many established institutions is why there is so much opportunity, especially in fintech.

I’m really good at finding gaps and looking for ways to help and stepping in.
I think that’s a key trait that every early stage firm needs to succeed. 

—Kate Johnson is the Director of Program Operations for Restive. She is responsible for amplifying the impact of the Studio through its Studio Program. Prior to joining Restive in 2021, Kate has spent the past five and a half years working in consumer/non-consumer neobanks. Most recently, Kate was responsible for partnership and product operations at Azlo, a banking platform for small businesses. She is a graduate of Portland State University and received her Masters in Business Administration from Pacific University. Kate resides in Newberg, Oregon with her husband, son, and pets.

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