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Restive invests in the best early-stage fintech companies and works hard to make them even better.
In addition to capital, Restive provides deep operational expertise, and access to a world-class industry network that helps founders overcome the challenges of starting a company in the financial services sector and grow quickly.

Custom Capital

It’s important for founders to have a sustainable equity structure. We design our investments with that in mind.

Relevant Advice

The skills that work best in a startup often don’t translate to industry. We understand how to bridge that gap.


We help founders build a powerful and differentiated network of the most powerful institutions in financial services.

Our network accelerates your growth

We connect you to the people and organizations that matter, saving you valuable time and making connections you didn't know were possible.

  • Financial Institutions

    If you’re building in financial services, you'll need a strong partner.

  • Partners & CUstomers

    Our network opens doors to accelerate growth.

  • Founders & Advisors

    Some of the best insights come from peer connections and advisor observations.

  • Investors

    Building a solid foundation with the investing community has never been more critical.

  • Regulators & Policy Makers

    Sophisticated regulatory engagement and understanding is among the most critical and defensible skills in fintech.

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