We’re not your average VC

We are pre-seed and seed stage specialists. We provide early capital, deep operational expertise, and access to a world-class industry network that helps founders overcome the challenges of starting a company in the financial services sector and grow quickly. Here’s how we do it:

How We Work

Early Capital

Are you looking for your first institutional check? Great. Do you have an anchor fund on board and want a fintech specialist? That works for us too. We are committed to backing the best founders, and we know that these investments come in many forms.

Real-world Advice

We’re former fintech founders and senior operators, and we’ve seen it all. Whether it's through focused 1:1s that we build into all of our investments or connections to the industry partner who has done it before – we ask that you put us to work.

Industry Connections

Financial services is all about relationships, and we have a rolodex that can get you in the door. We facilitate these relationships through a series of structured conversations to get you access to senior leaders across tech, financial services, government – and wherever else you need connections.

What to Expect

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