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Financial Venture Studio is now Restive Ventures

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Change is not inevitable. Change requires work. Change requires pushing through adversity, through changing markets, through fads and hype. The desire to change is built into the DNA of a founder. It is this need to relentlessly agitate, iterate and build that we admire and continually seek out in our founders. As fintech seed investors, we look to partner with visionaries that won’t stop until they change the financial ecosystem into something more equitable, more efficient, and more customer-centric. Our ambition is to partner with the most tenacious and determined and help them move even faster. In a word- we partner with the Restive.

Today, we are announcing that Financial Venture Studio is now Restive Ventures. Let us reintroduce ourselves.

Since 2018, we have invested in fintech companies and founders that stand above the rest and have the power to change financial services. We do so by providing early capital, deep operational expertise, and access to a world-class industry network that helps founders overcome the challenges of starting a company in the financial services sector and grow quickly. Over the past several years we’ve invested in more than forty companies that have introduced new products, opened new markets, and improved the financial lives of millions. 

As we’ve reflected on the common traits of our most successful investments, the most consistent trait we’ve observed has been founder urgency. Those founders who have a vision for how the world should look and who seek to have it solved yesterday: they are the founders who figure out how to break through walls and tear down the archaic systems in this industry to create something world-changing. Our rebrand is dedicated to those founders, and all of the other restive founders we have yet to meet but who aim to create something incredible. 

We know that it’s not enough to just grow a business: founders are challenged to relentlessly innovate, pushing themselves, their teams and their products to stay on the cutting edge. It’s often not enough to continue on one trajectory; the best founders level up their businesses, jumping onto new and higher trajectories. Our new logo conveys these themes. The three wavy lines represent the vision, energy and restlessness of the founders who change the world, while the stepchange in elevation shows the founder trajectory we’re committed to support: not just at the beginning, but at scale.  

We’ve always followed the mantra “Building the Future of Financial Services” because we recognize that there is still much to be done to unlock the potential of the financial industry. And it is only through changemakers that we will have the wild, breakthrough ideas that will grow into tomorrow’s institutions. If you’re Restive, let’s go! 

Ryan Falvey
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Where founders build the future of financial services.

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