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This is the 8th cohort of founders that we’ve had the pleasure of working with since launching Restive in 2018. This year’s class of companies leverages innovations in AI and machine learning, decentralized infrastructure, and changing consumer behaviors to build the future of financial services. And the market is recognizing the potential of these innovative firms: since we initially invested, a number of these firms have already raised significant follow-on capital.

We were thrilled to spend the last several months working with these founders and are excited about where these businesses are going and what that says about the future of fintech. There is still so much work to do to make financial services work for our modern economy and we’re excited to continue to invest in this space!


Bequest finance is the first non-custodial and compliant software for the succession and protection of digital assets. With an experience tailored to fit the needs of estate and financial planners, Bequest is building the infrastructure to support the future of estate planning. Bequest is led by Anna Mouland, a software engineer and recent graduate in Computer Science and Philosophy from McGill University. 


Brico is on a mission to remove the barrier to financial innovation and access by empowering businesses to effortlessly navigate the complexities of acquiring, renewing, and managing compliance for various financial licenses across all 50 states in the United States. Snigdha Kumar is the CEO and co-founder of Brico. Prior to Brico, she was the head of Product Operations at Digit (acquired by Oportun) which focused on helping hard-working Americans reach their savings goal. Snigdha has a Master's in Public Policy from Harvard University.


Fragile provides consumers with the option to subscribe to products that have physical items, similar to a Netflix subscription. These flexible memberships have zero commitments, and enable many more consumers to access high tech products. When returned, products are refurbished and reused, eliminating secondary product waste. Prior to founding Fragile, Zachary Wynegar, launched a scooter subscription product at Unagi to democratize sustainable transportation.


Noodle is the solopreneur super-app, it enables growth by helping you sell, manage, and automate your business with AI technology, eliminating the need for longer hours or additional staff. Noodle is led by Kiran Bellubbi, a serial entrepreneur. His previous two companies were both acquired by large public companies. He is focused on building sticky products that customers love with people that care.


SPRX helps companies of all sizes compute research and development tax credits 80 times faster at half the cost of existing service providers. SPRX does this while maintaining the high professional quality enterprises expect. SPRX has created multiple proprietary A.I models that accelerate the R&D credit analysis and allow the company to find 10% – 12% more credit than the status quo. Dominic Vitucci is the founder and CEO of SPRX. He attended the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign studying Accounting and Computer Science. He then spent five years at Grant Thornton doing tax credit work. After leaving Grant Thornton in August 2020 he founded SPRX.


Surus is building digitally-native trust infrastructure to support the burgeoning asset backed token market with tailored legaltech and financial services solutions. Surus helps asset originators create new financial products on their terms while enabling investors to tap into strong and diverse opportunities for returns on their capital. Patrick Murck is the Founder and CEO of Surus and has been involved in a number of startups as a founder, employee, investor, advisor and legal counsel. Most recently, he was the President and CLO of Transparent Systems and prior to that co-led the Blockchain and FinTech practice as Special Counsel at Cooley, LLP. An early pioneer of bitcoin and blockchain networks, Patrick also co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation where he served at times as General Counsel and Executive Director. 

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