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Meet the secret weapon of indie insurance agents: Agentero

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The problem: Independent insurance agents lack the data and tools to track the evolving needs of their policyholders. As a result, sales opportunities are missed and insurance coverage is often lacking.

Agentero’s solution: Software that leverages robust data to identify new sales opportunities for independent agents, while automating manual legwork on pricing to boost the productivity of agents.

Why Agentero is different: Agentero is the only solution that combines proprietary data sourcing and proactive qualifications of sales leads with an insurance aggregator model. The result is that agents can easily source, sell and manage a broader portfolio of policies.

Why it’s the right investment for us: We love how Agentero helps independent agents and smaller firms gain critical customer insights that effectively create a "churn engine" for agents that don't use it—helping Agentero's agents win. We saw an opportunity to help the team strengthen and broaden their sales and communication messages to achieve that vision.  

Why Agentero matters: Insurance is one of the best tools consumers and businesses have to protect themselves from catastrophic losses. By creating more connectivity among brokers, carriers, and customers, Agentero empowers agents and their customers to make better decisions and become more resilient.

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Ryan Falvey
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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