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Meet the future without paperwork: Anvil

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The problem: PDF and paper-based processes continue to limit efficiency and innovation in financial services.

Anvil’s solution: API-driven approach to automate data collection and organization, streamline workflows, and empower a host of use cases such as account opening, client onboarding, and compliance, among others.

Why Anvil is different: Low-code approach allows people without software engineering experience to build forms, create decision-making rules, and share data.

Why it’s the right investment for us: We’ve seen first-hand how even the most technical teams are stymied by legacy paper-based processes in their interactions with the financial services industry. In most cases, PDFs simply replaced paper, leaving laborious and repetitive form-fill processes in place. We think that our network of relationships across banking, asset management, and a host of other industries will serve as great introductions for Anvil to grow its business. In addition, our knowledge of how banks manage vendor relationships will help Anvil fine-tune its go-to-market strategy for the industry.

Why Anvil matters: Financial services has been slowly “going digital” for nearly two decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated this process and forced many financial institutions to finally take the steps necessary to bring decades of workflows into the modern age. By leveraging Anvil, firms can quickly eliminate many of these legacy analog processes, enabling employees to focus more on insights and action.

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