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Why We Invested: Copilot

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The problem: Managing personal finances is complex, stressful, and time-consuming

Copilot’s solution: A simple, elegant product that provides users with personalized insights for managing their money with a fun, emoji-driven UX.

Why Copilot is different: Great user experience, high user engagement and transparent pricing.

Why it’s the right investment for us: Our team has significant experience investing in and working with personal finance startups, including Dave, Digit, and Albert. In Copilot we saw a highly differentiated user experience, strong early traction and an exceptionally talented technical team. That’s a recipe for success that’s served us well in the past and that we expect to work well here.

Why Copilot matters: Copilot is focused on making its customers’ financial information engaging and stripping away complexity to help make decisions clear and even fun. Legacy PFMs tend to focus on providing lots of information and user customization; Copilot is focused on making it simple and easy. We think that this strategy will enable them to appeal to historically uninterested market segments and provide a truly delightful user experience.

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