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Meet the future of gig worker financial management: Everlance

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The problem: Tracking expenses and revenues is difficult, especially for freelancers and gig workers.

Everlance’s solution: Mobile-first product that makes it easy for workers and finance departments to categorize expenses, manage cash flow, and predict tax obligations.

Why Everlance is different: After starting with automated mileage tracking, Everlance evolved to include expenses and revenue management. Doing so allows workers to save time and  money.

Why it’s the right investment for us:  We have worked with many products that serve as financial hubs. We are primed to help founders Alex and Gabriel improve their go-to-market strategy, develop financial partnerships, and, importantly, navigate the complexities of building the infrastructure for a comprehensive financial toolset.

Why Everlance matters:  Users' expectations continue to swing towards convenience, and Everlance provides just that with automated tax savings and a seamless management experience for back-office functions. In serving as the one-stop-shop for millions of American workers, Everlance will have a substantial opportunity to add more financial products to its lineup and service its users’ needs in myriad ways.

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